We offer a wide range of event production and concepting throughout Finland and also abroad. With us, you will be able to create a successful concept and a coordinated plan for anything from trade fair stands, stakeholder meetings and workshops, various in-house corporate teambuilding events and also important private celebrations with your friends and family. We serve you every step of the way, from consultations to practical execution.

We want to offer our customers high-quality, customized occasions and events. We have extensive networks both in Finland and abroad, which guarantee high-quality event solutions for you. We strive to find innovative solutions for our corporate customers while taking into account the ultimate reasons for organizing the event and the profitability of the event.

To guarantee success for your event, we also offer different types of IT consulting as well as marketing, communication and social media support. In a constantly developing world, events must also be up-to-date, preferably one step ahead. We have people in charge of every aspect of the event who have the expertise required by your event, whether it’s Satumaa Events’ own personnel or experts from the subcontractor network.

Although Satumaa Events as a company is still relatively young, its owners have extensive experience in both the event industry and business life in general. This enables us to offer events that look at the big picture: the experience, the business, cost effectiveness and serving the client’s business idea.

Are you planning an event outside of Finland? Thanks to our extensive cooperation network, we are also able to offer event production in other parts of Europe.

Matti Rantanen

Kirstunvartija, CEO

Lempisanonta: Ei hätää, kaikki onnistuu.

Naantalin suunnalla voi kuulla sanottavan, että kaikki tuntevat Matin ja Matti tuntee kaikki. Tämä kuvaa hyvin sosiaalista, rehtiä ja luotettavaa talous- ja hallintoasioista vastaavaa toimitusjohtajaamme. Matin työtavassa turvallisuutta tuova rauhallisuus ja aikaansaava tehokkuus paiskaavat kättä.

Vaikka Matin toimenkuva painottuu pääasiassa paperinmakuisiin asioihin, voi häneen yhtä hyvin törmätä esimerkiksi auttamassa tapahtumien järjestelyissä.