Satumaa Events – a high-quality full-service event production agency

When we say full-service events, we truly mean it. If Satumaa Events were to be summarized, we would characterize ourselves as a concierge type agency, from whom the customer is guaranteed to get a suitable event – small or large. We produce events with professionalism, but always with a sparkle and a twist. We are the event industry’s boutique hotel kind of partner.

Depending on your needs, we can take care of:

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Furniture plays an important role in events, as they create a framework that is meant to support the core idea of ​​the event. Whether you want designer furniture or park benches and tents for an event, we can help! We create a furniture plan either by an interior designer or a visualist and coordinate the rental and/or purchase of furniture.

With AV and other technical equipment we can create and change the atmosphere ecologically and easily, to create the emotions you are after. Our technical partners take part in the planning of events from the very beginning, so that the technical solutions work exactly for your event and its venue. Technical implementation is a versatile way to enhance the message shared at events.

In order to bring all participants from every corner of the world to the event, transportation is needed – by land, water and air. Events may also contain several destinations and transitions must be performed seamlessly in order to achieve a high level experience for the participants. We coordinate and order transportation for your events, whether it’s a small or large event with participants from all over Finland or the world.

We offer high-quality invitation processes through the Finnish Event Management System called LYYTI. We tailor a registration website that fits your needs and an event website that supports it. We handle the delivery of both electronic and paper invitations for you and inform the participants of everything necessary before and after the event. If you wish, we will also send a feedback survey to the participants after the event, which will measure the success rate of the event and the achievement of its goals.

Food is indeed one of the most crucial pieces of an event. The food must serve the purpose of the event and suit the participants. In the growing world of dietary requirements, it is important to offer equal food options to those following different diets as well. Choosing a catering partner is a precise task that cannot go wrong. Let us create unforgettable dining moments at your event through our trusted networks.

The decorations can cover a lot, from candles to flowers and from signs to larger decorative ensembles. Decorations influence the mood of the participants a lot and that is why we pay special attention and effort to them. . At themed parties, decorations play a key role in communicating the theme.

Whether it is designing the event invitation or creating the entire look for your event, we can also provide this service. Together with a graphic designer, we can create, for example, an entire brand book for your event, which can be used every year when implementing the event.

The range of performers for the events can be just as diverse and extensive as you wish and the budget allows. We plan the ensemble of performers to be harmonious and unified, whether there are 1 or 10 performers. First-line artists, lesser-known troubadours and customized laser shows can be seamlessly integrated into your event with solid professionalism.

The most important moments of events are experienced at the event itself, but the second most important moments are when you share memories afterwards with both those who were present and those who weren’t. This is best achieved with photos and event videos.

All material needed for the event in printed form can be easily implemented through our high-quality partners. Whether it’s printing postcards for thank you gifts, participant passes and name tags or fabric banners to cover bigger surfaces, we make sure that you only need to approve the materials and we take care of everything else.

Sometimes it is good and necessary for the event to also create its own website and social media, especially if it is an annual event. With our networks, this can also be easily done. In addition, if you wish, you can get year-round website maintenance from us at a fixed price. We can also take control of your social media for the entire event and make sure that not a single meaningful moment is left unshared among your followers.

It is good to let your participants know that they are important and what’s a better way than with gifts!. We help you get the gifts that suit your brand and event, personalize them and deliver them to the recipient.

And anything else you want and need to make your event a success...

Matti Rantanen

Kirstunvartija, CEO

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